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My Story

Isaac H Sutton is a well-known serial entrepreneur who has made his mark in various industries. He was born February 1954, and grew up in New York, New York. During his 50+ years in private business Isaac established a worldwide network in order to facilitate cross border transactions.

Isaac's entrepreneurial journey began in the early 80s when he founded his first startup importing Japanese products, which was later acquired by a larger company. This experience inspired him to dive further into the world of entrepreneurship, where he started his next venture in the data communication sector in the former Soviet republics.

He continued to establish and grow businesses in various fields, such as finance, commodities, technology, and Smart City applications. Isaac is known for his innovative mindset, strategic thinking, and ability to transform industries with his unconventional ideas.

Moreover, he is also a philanthropist who has contributed to various charitable causes, particularly ones that promote education and child welfare.

Overall, Isaac H Sutton's entrepreneurial journey over the years has been impressive, and he continues to inspire many aspiring entrepreneurs to chase their dreams and take calculated risks to achieve success.

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